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Secret cameras reveal Thornhill paralegal as insurance scammer

Posted by uLaw Editorial Team on Nov 29, 2017 8:00:00 AM



After being charged by Toronto cops for fraud, an Ontario paralegal has had her licence stripped for being part of a multi-faceted auto insurance scam.

Anna Kovtanuka, who only just obtained her licence in 2013, was featured in an undercover video uttering numerous phrases which implicated her in a dubious scheme to obtain large percentages of fraudulent injury claims.

One particular insurance company, Aviva, was quick to respond with a duo of experienced investigators who captured the now-former paralegal counselling clients to mislead medical practitioners.


“I need you to tell your family physician you suffer from tremendous headache. Headache it’s something you cannot check,” she says.

In the footage she also says she wants a 20 per cent cut of the money obtained by scamming the insurance company. And if ever a final settlement is arranged, Kovtanuka said she wanted one third of those ill-gotten gains as well.

“I’m working with you and you have to work with me...the more money you get the better cheque I get.”

According to Aviva, Kovtanuka was arrested by the Toronto Police in February 2016 and was charged with two counts of fraud under $5,000. She was also charged for possession.

Law Society investigators followed up afterwards and in its Nov. 20 decision, the Tribunal established that Kovtanuka was submitting false or exaggerated claims to Aviva. The LSUC also says she encouraged clients to lie to the police in 2015 when reporting a vehicle collision.

She has also been ordered to pay $13,000 to the law society.



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