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7 ways a smart phone can Harm a lawyer's practice & how to stop it

Posted by Admin 2 on Jul 30, 2017 2:03:05 PM

The modern smart phone, and to a lesser extent, the tablet have become indispensable tools in the management of your practice. Such power, mobility and convenience comes with security vulnerabilities that can be highly detrimental for a lawyer if not mitigated. 

In our experience consulting with the administrative staff of many Canadian legal firms, we often find that lawyers are neglecting a number of security practices that should become part of your professional life. That's why we've arranged a list of 7 common areas where smartphones can cause huge problems. We've also listed some remedies to these issues. 

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Topics: Security in the cloud: what matters to lawyers, Using smart phones as a lawyer

Cloud based computing and Canadian Law: What matters for lawyers

Posted by Admin 2 on Jul 23, 2017 5:20:50 PM

Lawyers are pretty interested in privacy matters. In fact, many lawyers are experts in the area of privacy. That’s why as practice management service providers in the cloud, we get so many questions about privacy and security as it relates to the use of cloud-based applications.

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Topics: Security in the cloud: what matters to lawyers