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Toronto Paralegal dodges investigators, gets suspended & fined

Posted by uLaw Editorial Team on Apr 18, 2018 8:04:29 AM

An uncooperative Toronto paralegal with a past history of misconduct is being slapped with a fine and a suspension for avoiding regulatory agents who want to see her practice management and legal accounting records.


Anna Teresa Mondano, a longtime Toronto paralegal, is suspended until she provides thorough documentation to Law Society auditors, whom she'd been avoiding since September 2016, when investigators first attempted to obtain information about her legal practice.

Mondano's avoidance of Law Society auditors will cost her at least $3,720 in fines to the Law Society, in addition to her 30-day suspension.


According to the recent Law Society Tribunal decision, Mondano has until June to get her act together to produce accounting documentation to the LAO. If not, she'll be ordered to pay an additional $2,000 fine and suspended indefinitely.

Mondano is no stranger to professional misconduct. In the past she's practiced without a license or insurance and in 2009 she represented a client whilst administratively suspended. In 2013 Mondano was suspended by the Law Society for one month.


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