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Family lawyer Sina Hariri says uLaw works as 'backbone' of his firm

Posted by Admin 2 on Apr 4, 2018 10:32:40 AM


Sina Hariri is a family lawyer and mediator who practices in Mississauga and Toronto.



Since 2011 Hariri has used uLawPractice to manage legal matters for his clients. Over the years he's come to regularly rely on uLaw to facilitate trust accounting, monthly reconciliation, and in particular he has utilized many client-facing documents which break down his billing in an easy-to-view manner for his clients.

"It really is the backbone of my legal practice. One of the biggest issues for liability which comes up with lawyers getting sued is that the clients don't have a breakdown of exactly what work was done, how much it cost them, and why they're being billed for it".

Detailed retainers well branded receipts, detailed invoices, settlement statements, trust and general account statements are all easily produced by Hariri with the use of uLaw's cloud-based practice management and legal accounting system.

"With uLaw you're really able to explain that to the client with as much detail as necessary for the client. They understand the bill, they understand the invoice, so there's no real issue to worry about."

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