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A digital curriculum: Academic Access to uLaw's EDU Environment

By uLaw Editorial Team

While it may have first been triggered by the pandemic, increasing numbers of Ontario paralegal/law clerk schools are turning to uLawPractice to incorporate into the classroom so students can learn how to handle the office component of running a legal business in Ontaari.

Now more than ever, a readily-available cloud-based solution for legal accounting and practice management can be implemented into paralegal and legal curriculum models without added financial strain on schools or students. That’s because uLawPractice, an Ottawa-based software company, is offering all academic institutions (paralegal colleges, law schools)  exclusive academic access to Canada’s most powerful and compliant digital legal assistant.

uLaw can provide a framework for exercises and grading for faculty and an opportunity for students to learn compliance and audit preparation measures necessary to run a legal business. Along with academic access, uLaw is offering educational materials to colleges and universities which can be incorporated into the curriculum.

In uLaw's browser-based environment, students can work in a real-world interface on their digital devices (mobile, desktop, laptop, etc) to produce all books and records necessary to pass a practice audit. This will be indispensable knowledge for when students enter the workforce.


Compliance is key

Nearly a decade ago, our company's award-winning compliance coding team (CCT) used thee then-LSUC's own bookkeeping guidelines as a blueprint to develop the backbone of uLaw's interface. The software has continually evolved to keep in line with the LSO's guidelines, and also from regulatory changes by Canada's federal tax regulator, the Canadian Revenue Agency.

uLaw keeps its users compliant and ready for an audit at all times. It's also rich in features such as court form automation, docketing, conflict screening, and more. Check out the video below to get a good understanding of what we strive to provide users.


Bringing uLaw to your school in the near future

If you’re a representative of an academic institution looking to modernize its approach to teaching real-world skills for the next generation of legal professionals, or you know someone who is, please send them to this page and click the button below!

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