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Blog REVIEW: Is Dropbox a good storage service for lawyers? ANSWER: Yes, but its not flawless

By Terry Curtis
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As part of uLawPractice's 2017 review of cloud storage services available to lawyers, we're going to put Dropbox under the microscope to view whether it's a worthy service for you to use in your day-to-day business dealings.

Lawyers are jumping on board to use this service, and in large numbers. According to ABA, 58 per cent of U.S.-based lawyers are already using this service.

Given its age, Dropbox has had a lot of time to mature and in some respects it's become a household name in the world of cloud storage, especially with its integrated software-driven approach to storage.

Dropbox is polished. It's a system that works quite well across multiple platforms. And because of this, it's often used as a file transfer system between computers and smartphones.

It's also pretty cheap. Currently the service offers 2GB for free, but users are given the choice to purchase 1TB of storage for $100 USD per year--a fair price for remote and secure storage of important files.

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