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Celebrating a nation of inventors and innovators on CANADA 150!!

Posted by Sam Cooley on Jun 30, 2017 2:25:09 PM




Here at uLaw Practice we’d like to take a moment to say HAPPY CANADA 150 to all our clients, friends, families and fellow countrymen/women who are all part & parcel of this great, tolerant, economically powerful, clean, safe, vast & beautiful land that we all call our home.

Just for fun, we’ve dug up a gigantic trove of inventions and innovations purportedly created exclusively by Canadians for Canadians, just like the innovative software that we deliver to hundreds of legal professionals across Canada.

Having a look at this list, it is not at all surprising that Canadians created these incredible inventions:

-Key-frame animation

-Multi Dynamic Image Techniques



-Marquis Wheat

-McIntosh apples

-Peanut butter

-Instant mashed potatoes


-Canada Dry Ginger Ale


-Ulaw Practice

-Nanaimo Bars

-Butter Tarts

-Walkie Talkies

-Standard time

-The Blackberry


-56k modems

-The world’s first wheelchair accessible bus

-North America’s first commercial jetliner to fly into the continent



-The electric wheelchair

-Prosthetic hands

-Electric car heaters

-Snow blowers

-Rotary snow ploughs

-Steam powered foghorns

-The world’s first “widely used” military gas mask






-Goalie masks

-Five pin bowling

-Trivial pursuit


-Electron microscopes

-Baby stretchers



-Garbage bags

-Caesar (the mixed drink)


-Caulking guns

-Alkaline batteries

-Egg cartons

-Kerosene distillation

-Pulped wood paper

-Paint rollers

-Robertson screws