Advice from Canadian practitioners: uLaw in my business

Advice from Canadian practitioners: uLaw in my business

How does uLaw free up more time for Joseph Behar and his clients?

Learn how Joseph Behar, a paralegal in Ontario, collects payments from clients and draws up retainers and handles his accounting with uLawPractice.

Hear how George Thelwell, a paralegal and instructor at Cestar College, uses uLaw as part of his curriculum and his legal practice.

How did uLaw speed up Sina ability to bill clients?

Sina Hariri, who now works at the Law Society, was an early adopter of uLawPractice and he explains what makes uLaw special when it comes to certain areas of legal practice he specializes in.

How did uLaw help out Toronto Lawyer Ian McCuaig?

Learn about how Developers at uLawPractice were approached by Criminal Lawyer Ian McCuaig who suggested a gmail integration feature so that he could capture more billable hours through his email correspondence with clients.