The lawyer's interaction with his or her clients occurs on a regular basis. Establishing a good rapport, understanding the client's concerns, deciding the consequent steps are some of the many conversations held during attorney-client meetings. Following such discussions, Law Society guidelines urge the lawyer to document the client engagement with a formal engagement letter, or if decided otherwise, to send a non-engagement letter.

Throughout the engagement, the lawyer is required to prepare documents that are oftentimes repetitive and time-consuming. With several documents and forms required for a single client, formal documentation for multiple clients can become a meticulous and industrious task.

uLawPractice, a Legal accounting and Practice management app, offers features to help the legal professional maintain compliance with the Legal Society guidlines and audit requirements (refer to our Audit Ready blog here!) and to reduce the time required to complete formal  documentation.

The app can auto-populate documents with the help of pre built templates. When date pertaining to a client interaction concerning a matter is entered into the system, the documents are automatically prepared by filling the templates with the previously entered pertinent data.  The documents can also be customized to accommodate letterheads. And all of this, in one click!

The available templates are:

  1. Retainer letters for several areas of practice
  2. Conflict Management reports as per Law Society guidelines and Template
  3. Client ID Verification as per Law Society guidelines and templates
  4. Authorization letter
  5. Business letters and Master Letter heads
  6. Client Intake Forms
  7. Disposition letters
  8. Reporting letter on Will
  9. Closing Letter
  10. Labels compliant with Legal Aid
  11. Consent to transfer matter letters
  12. Credit Card Authorization
  13. Power of Attorney samples
  14. Memos, Fax cover sheet

uLawPractice helps with efficiently managing time by reducing the effort required on mechanical, routine documentation tasks as part of an overall time saving process.

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