Handling cases and litigation take up most of an attorney’s time, and that’s a good thing,  but the importance of obtaining marketing information about clients should never be understated by a lawyer practicing their profession in today's climate of high competition.

No longer is it effective to merely take out an advertisement in a local newspaper and call it a day when it comes to marketing for lawyers. The ante has been brought to a new level with the advent of technology, and many lawyers are promoting themselves on self-created podiums showcasing their expertise and competency to digital audiences. The  best law firms are marketing to specific groups of people. Tapping into these groups should become a necessity in a lawyer’s quest for gaining experience and growing their business. Unfortunately, it’s time consuming, requires some responsibility. Perhaps most of all, though: knowledge is required to properly market oneself to clients. And not just any clients, the clients you want the most.

In our blog we conservatively apply the use of italics, so please take heed to the single italicized “knowledge” in the above paragraph, because it’s going to be highly important in this post about how to effectively market oneself with the use of a uniquely effective digital toolkit.

Take a moment and think about the last time you’ve ever signed up for a service, purchased an object, subscribed to a newsletter, or perhaps when you last applied to a job. Do you recall filling out the little box that asked you “where you heard about us?” This one small question unlocks the kind of data a marketeer likes to drool over, and for good reason.

Clients may approach lawyers for handling his/her case based on referrals, word of mouth, the web, and so on. Law firms need to identify and understand the main source of referrals to assess their client base as a whole. Without this, a lawyer trying to market his business is merely a lost soul tossing darts at an unidentified target. If you’re going to throw darts, you need to be able to see the dartboard. Hopefully these rudimentary anecdotes are driving down the point we’re trying to make here.

With the use of software, marketing for lawyers has never been easier.  Whenever the attorney is approached by a client, their details and source of contact is recorded by the software. Different sources of referrals are stored in categories to be used at a later date: when charts, graphs and visualization of data can be automated for a firm to observe.

This kind of intelligence-gathering allows for clear and targeted advertising to be effective. Not only does this save money and time, it improves success. With the kind of knowledge produced with tracked information, lawyers can target the people who matter the most rather than spending money on crafting messages that fall on deaf ears.

The main reason for querying clients for source contact information is that it helps develop marketing ideas without breaking the bank.

In our software package, which can be used for free, you can follow this file path to obtain statistics about your business: Document Generation -> Source of Contact -> Download.

Take a look at the GIF image above to see how easy this kind of thing can be if you’re using the right software.

With complete data visualization of source of referrals, effective marketing campaigns to tailor to the client base helps with a building a growing business and establish good client-attorney relationship.

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