Fanshawe College unveils uLawPractice for 2020 paralegal program

As classes ramp up for the upcoming 2020 term, paralegal students at Fanshawe College’s London, Ontario-based campus will be introduced to uLawPractice as a method of conducting coursework.

uLawPractice formally partnered with Fanshawe College in June to provide faculty and classrooms with login credentials to use uLawPractice’s EDU environment, which enables students to wield powerful and automated practice management and bookkeeping tools in an easy-to-use online interface.

Focusing on matters pertaining to compliance and record-keeping, instructors at Fanshawe College will be providing exercises to students which will test their ability to understand the expectations of the Law Society for licensed paralegals. While a variety of options exist for practitioners to manage their bookkeeping and accounting, staff at Fanshawe College have optioned to make use of uLaw’s EDU environment so students can be trained on emerging technologies which harness the power of automation and compliance.

The types of exercise students will encounter will most often pertain to mock law-office based clerical work. For example, whenever a client’s money is being spent by a practitioner on behalf of the client, a well-documented process of accountability must be triggered in order to remain compliant with regulators. Instructors will be first training their students how to use the software, and then eventually grading the class based on their ability to wield the software to produce audit-ready documentation in a real-world setting.

“The summer months are always a great time for academic providers to make tweaks to their curricula. Since our legal accounting and practice management software essentially lives and thrives in cloud infrastructure, it’s been a natural fit for a lot of schools to begin incorporating uLaw into some of the more difficult courses that students will encounter when preparing to run their own legal business,” says Terry Curtis, CEO of uLawPractice.