Federation of Ontario Paralegals partners with uLaw

Federation of Ontario Paralegals partners with uLaw

Nov. 2, 2020 --- uLawPractice and the newly-founded Federation of Ontario Paralegals recently entered into a partnership, which will see heavily discounted rates afforded to the federation’s more than 300 members.

Utilizing software-as-a-service, uLawPractice harnesses the power of automation to assist Canadian legal practitioners with the creation of compliant, audit-proofed books and records.

uLawPractice has seen record levels of interest in 2020 of its flagship legal accounting and practice management software suite. In 2020 alone, more than six post secondary institutions incorporated uLawPractice into their curriculum.

“We’re happy to see uLawPractice become the gold standard for compliant and automated bookkeeping. Perhaps triggered by the pandemic, a lot of legal professionals are starting to wake up to the types of new technologies which can make their jobs better. Since the very beginning we have been strong supporters of the paralegal profession in Ontario, so it made sense for us to partner with this new federation,” says SuperfluidSoftware CEO Terry Curtis during a teleconference Oct. 29.

Curtis also says uLawPractice will continue to support the Ontario Paralegal Association, the province’s largest association of paralegals.

The Federation of Ontario Paralegals was formed in September 2020, according to its vice president, Holly Robertson. “Especially now, with some of the challenges that many paralegals are facing financially right now, the reduction in fees for basic needs will be a huge help for our members.”


Robertson says the federation is in the process of forming a regionally-represented board which will be composed of three to four executives and seven directors in seven different regions of Ontario. She says the federation was formed to advocate for the status of paralegals.

One notable program to be established by the federation, Robertson says, is the implementation of a mentorship initiative for new paralegals to interact with more experienced members of the profession.