Free CPD-credited webinars offered to Saskatchewan practitioners

Free CPD-credited webinars offered to Saskatchewan practitioners


Continuous professional development for legal practitioners in Saskatchewan just got a lot easier.

As part of its 2017 outreach program to jurisdictions across Canada, uLawPractice is now offering a total of six CPD-accredited webinars to practitioners in Saskatchewan.

“Lawyers and paralegals in Saskatchewan who need to touch up on their practice management, bookkeeping compliance, expense management, and trust reconciliation can benefit greatly from the free webinars we’re producing on a weekly basis” says Terry Curtis, CEO of Superfluid Software Inc.

“We invite all of Saskatchewan’s 1,185 active members to view our webinars, which are free by the way, and then submit their attendance to regulators to earn credits where applicable.”

Currently the Law Society of Saskatchewan requires lawyers to complete a total of 36 hours of continuous professional development over a multi-year period.

On Aug 18, 2017, nearly 100 practitioners attended a uLaw Webinar. This number is only expected to grow in the near future.

Presently uLawPractice is providing a total of six unique webinar topics produced by its lecturers. Most are officially approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Saskatchewan practitioners will have to self-report. Below is a list of free CPD credited courses we wish to offer Saskatchewan lawyers and paralegals.

  1. "Law Society Bookkeeping Compliance – Should it take 10min or 3hrs?"
  2. "Disbursements De-Mystified"
  3. "Legal Expense Management"
  4. "Get Law Society Audit Ready"
  5. Trust and General Reconciliation De-Mystified
  6. "Branding your Law Firm”
  7. "Everything Practice Management"

Any practicing member of the law society can send in a CPD application form and information about uLawPractice webinars for approval. “Once it’s approved, (the webinar) is added to our data base for lawyers to self-report their hours after the event,” says Linda Euteneir, LSS CPD Administrator.

uLawPractice is committed to providing helpful and accurate legal accounting and practice management advice to practitioners across Canada. Together, with the assistance of software and automation, legal bookkeeping and audit compliance has never been easier for solo lawyers and paralegals.

Lawyers and paralegals are encouraged to click the link below to subscribe to webinars. For thirty days, practitioners can also try out uLaw Practice's cloud-based legal accounting program, which automates almost all administrative and bookkeeping required in a law or paralegal firm.



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