Free uLaw CPD accounting courses for Alberta practitioners

uLawPractice is pleased to offer free legal accounting and practice management courses to all active members of the Law Society of Alberta.

"Recently we've been contacted by a number of practitioners in Alberta who want access to more learning materials. Our CPD courses are already accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Despite regulatory differences, we want to extend our free legal accounting webinars to the nearly 10,000 practitioners in Alberta--all of whom are required to build an annual CPD plan," said Terry Curtis, CEO of SuperfluidSoftware, parent company of uLawPractice.

Currently, an average of about 90 practitioners attend uLawPractice's weekly webinars. Most topics are aimed to advocate and educate practitioners with the knowledge they need to become financially literate in the realm of legal administration and bookkeeping. Below is a small list of courses officially recognized and accredited (and pending accreditation) by representatives of the Law Society of Upper Canada:

  1. "Law Society Bookkeeping Compliance – Should it take 10min or 3hrs?"
  2. "Disbursements De-Mystified"
  3. "Legal Expense Management"
  4. "Get Law Society Audit Ready"
  5. Trust and General Reconciliation De-Mystified
  6. "Branding your Law Firm”
  7. "Everything Practice Management"

uLawPractice is committed to providing helpful and accurate legal accounting and practice management advice to practitioners across Canada, including Alberta. Together, with the assistance of software and automation, legal bookkeeping and audit compliance has never been easier for solo lawyers and paralegals.

Whether your firm is in Fort Mac, Edmonton, Pigeon Lake or downtown Calgary--actually, anywhere in Alberta--uLawPractice's coding team is hard at work to deliver automation solutions specifically designed to fulfill obligations laid out by the Law Society of Alberta.

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