Friday Webinar: How to manage large law firms in Law

Friday Webinar: How to manage large law firms in Law

During an upcoming Friday, Feb. 22 Webinar between 2-3 p.m., uLaw instructors are hosting an hour-long presentation detailing how large Canadian law firms can make use of uLaw’s multi-user interface to handle all clerical components of running their firm.

Utilizing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, uLaw is often used as a virtual assistant to assist in the production and maintenance of compliance documents for sole practitioners across Canada, often because of its desirable price points.

But it isn’t just sole practitioners and small firms who can benefit from this patented technology.

uLaw has a lot to offer mid-to-large sized firms as well. With the use of a new multi-user function, firms are now able to make value assessments previously unattainable by any standard practice management software.

“There was once a time where administrators in law firms were expected to juggle between different pieces of disjointed software to get the job done. We’ve always felt that, from day one, this was not an adequate solution, particularly for Canadian law firms. That’s why our coders have made it possible to measure revenue per employee,” says uLawPractice CEO Terry Curtis.

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