Generating Quebec Bar's "Fiche Client" forms

Generating Quebec Bar's "Fiche Client" forms

As part of uLawPractice's ongoing commitment for enhanced support for Canadian legal practitioners in all provinces, developers have successfully implemented new automated form support for Quebec Barreau's "Fiche Client" form.

Licensees working in Quebec are obligated by the law society in that province to create the Fiche-Client document when they intake a new client, complete with details of the case and information regarding the parties of the legal matter.

uLawPractice can now generate this document automatically using a two-step automation process.

n order to do so, navigate to Contacts (left column)->Document Generation (top right)->Client Intake->Client Intake (French).


Once downloaded, a firm can then send this blank document to the prospective client so the file can be filled with the appropriate information.

After the client has filled out the info and the document is returned via email, it must then be imported into the uLaw system.

To import the new document, navigate to Contacts (left column)->Import Contacts (top right)->Client Intake: Upload Client Intake Form (at bottom of drop-down menu).


See photo on right.

When the upload is complete, double-check that the file was uploaded properly. You can do this by visiting the newly-generated contact, complete with all the details they previously filled out on the form that was imported. Now it is time to make the legal matter itself using the uLaw system as usual.

Create a new legal matter, add any relevant additional parties and matter-specific details pertaining to the particular case. When the appropriate matter-specific information is complete, you can generate a pre-filled, completed Fiche-Client document containing all the new information, which automatically completed the Fiche-Client document.

To generate the completed Fiche-Client document, visit Matters (left column)->Document Generation->Letters-Fiche Client->Download

The completed document should look something like this: