How Campus E-Bookstore helps your students get uLaw

How Campus E-Bookstore helps your students get uLaw

In 2022 uLawPractice entered a partnership with Campus E-Bookstore to offer a limited amount of student EDU licences available to eligible students in colleges across Canada.

Campus E-Bookstore acts as a digital gateway for students to acquire books and learning materials that they will need while they proceed with their studies at Canadian academic institutions.

"Several Ontario colleges have made the bold step forward in enhancing their partnership with uLawPractice, mostly to enhance academic integrity among students making use of software as part of their curriculum," says Terry Curtis, CEO of Superfluid Software, the parent company of uLaw.

Campus E-Bookstore started as a collaborative project between the CCRA and ICBA to distribute digital course materials at select collegiate bookstores in Canada and the USA. "Well, the project has taken on a life of its own. With hundreds of institutions and all the major publishers in Canada and the US on board, we’ve established ourselves as an industry force in the distribution of digital course materials," says the Campus E-Bookstore website.

uLaw is offered at Campus E-Bookstore as part of its enhanced academic integrity package for eligible schools teaching legal accounting and practice management to their students. Schools most interested in ensuring student complete their own projects (as opposed to being in group projects) opt for this method. One of the best parts about this type of software delivery (cloud software) is that the bookstore alleviates the administrative burden associated with acquiring the software for students.

Teachers can simply instruct students to visit the website via a specialized link, to acquire a licence for the software, so they can conduct legal accounting and practice management tasks mirroring what will be expected of them once they enter the workforce. This is especially useful for paralegals, who very often end up becoming sole practitioners who must draft an assortment of compliance documents for regulators.

uLawPractice is the trusted choice for legal practitioners in Canada wishing to automate their legal accounting. It makes sense to repurpose your accounting data to produce the reports that auditors will want to see in a prompt manner.

Learning uLaw will pay dividends the sooner it is learned by a law or paralegal student. That's because they will already have a solid grasp of the types of activities they'll need to do within the software to appease regulators once they're audited.

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