LSO launches Paralegal Insurance Portlet

The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) has launched a new Paralegal Insurance Portlet.

Licensees can access the portlet through their portal account.

According to LSO literature, this self-serve tool lets paralegals review & update their info quickly and easily. Depending on whether they identify, under By-Law 6 licensees might be exempt, or they can indicate that they work directly under the supervision of a lawyer.

Insurance info can rapidly and processed right away with the use of LSO's new Portlet.

"Licensees are asked to log-in as soon as possible and verify the insurance information that is currently recorded in the system."

Part of the plan with this new portlet is the phasing out of service by LSO Client Service Support Staff. They will no longer be accepting certificates from licensees or brokers. Now, parlegals working under lawyers will have to expressly indicate this.

"There is no longer a requirement to have a Change of Information Form completed and submitted by the lawyer who supervises their work."

Questions about insurance requirements or the new paralegal insurance portlet, should be directed to Membership Services at