Precautions for lawyers to take in the wireless world

Precautions for lawyers to take in the wireless world

The modern smartphone and, to a lesser extent, the tablet have become indispensable tools in the management of your practice.  Such power, mobility and convenience, however comes with some security vulnerabilities that can be somewhat mitigated with a few security practices that should become part of your professional life.  In todays world practice management is carried out almost entirely with laptops and mobile phone and both these devices are predominantly wireless.  Practice management and legal accounting software such as uLaw, PcLaw and others, contain all your client and business data. You will want to take extreme  care to protect yourself and your business in this capable but vulnerable wireless world.  Let us examine in this article the potential problems and remedies that you can take to reduce risk.

The Potential Problems:

  • The device can be lost or stolen, (unauthorized access)
  • Messages and files can be intercepted when in transit, (eavesdropping)
  • The user can unintendedly download malicious software. (mobile malware: Trojans, worms viruses and the latest rising threat - ransomware)
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