Revolutionizing Legal Workflows: Sriram Rangan's Journey with uLaw's Legal RPA and Tags Feature

Revolutionizing Legal Workflows: Sriram Rangan's Journey with uLaw's Legal RPA and Tags Feature
uLaw's AI/ML with Legal RPA saves time for Vagans Legal Service

In legal industry, efficiency and time management are key to a successful practice. Sriram Rangan, a seasoned legal professional from Vagans Legal in Scarborough, Ontario, epitomizes this need. A client of uLaw since 2014, Sriram specializes in POA, Small Claims, and Landlord and Tenant board cases. Despite uLaw’s capabilities in minimizing duplicated efforts, his team faced significant time constraints in client intake processes. This article explores how uLaw’s Legal Robotic Process Automation (Legal RPA) and unique Tags feature transformed Sriram's practice, enabling growth and efficiency.

The Challenge: Streamlining Intensive Client Intake
Sriram’s assistant, Mansi, was dedicating approximately 6 minutes per client (They actually measured it before coming to us) for intake, dealing with 20 clients daily. Her tasks involved downloading and sending various forms, including retainer agreements and several custom Vagans Legal documents, for client signatures. This laborious process not only consumed her day but also limited the firm's capacity for additional work with no break. The need for a more efficient solution was evident, one that could handle the repetitive and time-consuming aspects of document management.

uLaw’s Response: Introducing Legal RPA and Tags
Sriram reached us about leveraging AI/ML for efficiency. uLaw response was its Legal RPA technology, specifically designed for legal practices court form automation. The Tags feature in uLaw automates the assembly of documents, filling them with relevant information using a rule engine tailored for legal professionals. This innovation streamlined Mansi’s workflow, consolidating multiple tasks into a single, swift action.

With uLaw’s integration of DocuSign, the entire process, from document creation to obtaining client signatures, was condensed into a matter of seconds (25seconds which we re-measured after the integration). This significant time-saving measure profoundly impacted Mansi's daily routine, allowing her to focus on more complex tasks and also get a break.

Impact on Sriram’s Practice and Team Efficiency
The implementation of uLaw’s Legal RPA and Tags dramatically freed up time for Mansi, allowing Sriram to expand his practice areas, notably into landlord and tenant board cases. This shift was not just a strategic move for business growth but also an enhancement of workplace well-being, as Mansi's workload became more manageable and less exhausting.

Moreover, this technological advancement meant that the firm could handle more cases without compromising on service quality. The efficiency gains transcended mere time savings, translating into client satisfaction and business expansion.

uLaw Tags: Beyond Automation
The uLaw Tags feature is more than just a document generation tool; it represents a new paradigm in legal workflow management. By automating mundane yet crucial tasks, it allows legal practitioners like Sriram to focus on the core practice of law. The Tags system, with its robust rule engine, ensures accuracy and compliance in document assembly, reflecting uLaw's deep understanding of the legal profession’s needs.

uLaw Tags a revolutionary Legal RPA for Legal Practices

The story of Sriram and Mansi at Vagans Legal is a testament to the transformative power of technology in legal practice. uLaw’s Legal RPA and Tags feature exemplify the future of the legal industry, where technology augments human capability, leading to more efficient, client-focused practices.

Sriram Rangan’s experience with uLaw highlights a pivotal shift in legal practice management. By embracing uLaw’s innovative solutions, legal professionals can transcend traditional boundaries, optimizing their workflow and focusing on what truly matters – the practice of law. uLaw continues to pave the way for a more efficient, technologically advanced future in the legal sector, proving that with the right tools, legal practices can thrive in efficiency and growth.

If you're encountering challenges similar to those faced by Vagans Legal Services, it's the perfect moment to consider a conversation with uLaw. We specialize in saving valuable time, which can be redirected towards enhancing and growing your practice. Let uLaw be the solution to streamline your operations and elevate your professional journey.