Save time with court form automation solutions

Save time with court form automation solutions

Litigation requires research and time. Addressing the matter at hand requires essential documents from the parties involved to represent the case in front of the court. Appropriate filing of documents with the court for proceeding with the matter is of utmost importance.

Depending on the kind of legal matter being tackled by a lawyer, a different court form will be applicable.

Oftentimes, the case will require more than a single form to be filled out by a lawyer. Manually filling out these forms with the information provided is a time-consuming and repetitive task.

One of the worst parts of manually filling out this kind of information is that it's mundane, monotonous, and stretches across several forms, all of which are a little bit different. This can lead to potential errors due to distraction or carelessness or even keystroke mistakes.

Bearing these concerns in mind, our Practice management software, uLaw, has made the process easy to use, compliant with the latest published court forms and error free.  Automation helps the attorney and client save time and money, time that can be focused on increasing billable hours.

Automated court forms are a unique feature of uLaw, and they're compliant with law society guidelines. It is also a never-seen-before feature in a Canadian legal practice management software. The reason for introducing this feature in uLaw's practice management software and legal accounting software app is to:

  1. Save time
  2. Make court forms filling faster
  3. Eliminate errors

Programmed template forms for representation, claims, consent, affidavit for jurisdiction and many more are available. The forms can be accessed from the dashboard by going to Document generation -> Forms -> Area of Practice. The areas of practice addressed are :

  1. Small Claims Court
  2. Family Law
  3. Criminal
  4. HTA (Highway Traffic Act) / POA (Provincial Offense Act)
  5. LaTB (Landlord and Tenant Board Forms)
  6. WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)
  7. LAT  (License Appeal Tribunal)
  8. AABS (Automobile Accident Benefit Service)
  9. SABS (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule)

All of these forms are made available in Word and PDF format and are pre-populated with details provided from our software, vis-a-vis the clients, additional parties, representatives (Child in Family law cases). The relationship of the parties involved can also be added.

Taking advantage of pre-populated, automated court forms, helps with filling 15 forms as opposed to filling 2 forms in the same timeframe. It increases efficiency and aids in working on the litigation process--and it follows law society guidelines.

More details on the court forms automation can be found here!

Save time with automated court forms filling!



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