Spring 2023: A message to our EDU partners

Spring 2023: A message to our EDU partners

Teachers and students alike, who are already partnered with uLawPractice's EDU programme, can take advantage of uLaw accounts for learning about legal accounting and practice management.

At present the majority of paralegal students in Ontario are leveraging usage of uLawPractice's EDU program. To varying degrees, students within these academic institutions are exposed to facets of the software that automate practice management and legal accounting. These are real world skills that wed the usage of specialized software within the scope of a modern legal office in the Ontario paralegal curriculum.

"Since the pandemic uLaw's EDU program has exploded. Before 2020 uLaw always had an EDU framework built up but it wasn't until covid that we saw a lot of schools switch to cloud based software in lieu of a traditional computer lab where students use antiquated software installed locally on school computers," said Terry Curtis, CEO of SuperfluidSoftware, the parent company of uLaw.

For the more than 7 paralegal colleges using uLaw in the classroom right now, our message is simple: enroll yourselves in an upcoming educational webinar!

Our team is always here to support EDU partners free of charge with educational content and access to shared or individual accounts to use uLaw. Just contact our team: support@ulawpractice.com

Here are 5 reasons to consider uLaw in the class

  1. Relevant and practical skills

    uLawPractice EDU offers students practical and relevant skills that are essential for success in the legal industry. Accounting, practice management, and compliance are critical skills for lawyers and paralegals, and uLawPractice EDU provides students with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively manage these aspects of their practice.
  2. Increased employability

    By incorporating uLawPractice EDU into their curriculum, Canadian law schools and paralegal schools can help their students become more attractive candidates for employment. Employers value candidates who possess a diverse set of skills, including accounting and practice management, and the incorporation of uLawPractice EDU can help students stand out from their peers.
  3. Cost-effective

    uLawPractice EDU is a cost-effective solution for law schools and paralegal schools. Rather than having to develop their own accounting and practice management curriculum, schools can rely on uLawPractice EDU to provide students with the necessary training and tools.
  4. Time-saving
    The incorporation of uLawPractice EDU can save schools time in developing and delivering their own accounting and practice management curriculum. This allows schools to focus on other critical areas of their program while still ensuring that students receive comprehensive training in these essential skills.
  5. Flexibility
    uLawPractice EDU is a flexible platform that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each school. This allows schools to tailor their curriculum to the needs of their students and ensure that they are providing the most relevant and effective training possible.

Our team is always here to support you. If you or your educational faculty are not already partnered with uLaw, consider reaching out or clicking HERE to learn more!

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