Subscribing to uLaw insight emails

Subscribing to uLaw insight emails

With uLawPractice, your data works for you in manifold ways.

Subscribe to uLaw insight emails so you can be given regular updates with fresh information about the health of your legal firm.

Our analytics programmers have devised a series of emails that you can get sent to your inbox which will break down financial data over the past period to give you a good window on how things are going at your firm.

For example on a Monday you can be given information about invoice balance reports. Basically in the body of the email you will have fresh info about amounts of money that you have yet to collect from your clients. Also shown in such a report is sums of money that you've forgotten to pay to yourself! It's very common for a law firm to render work to clients and raise invoices, but without actually transferring the money over, you don't actually have it in your possession!

Not every email is the same. We have a schedule that we follow, whereby these emails will parse through your account and grab hold of useful ranges of data and collate it for you so you can easily browse your data insights in handy reports that we automatically generate and send to you.

It's useful for you to make comparisons about how your firm is doing now, or in the past quarter, to previous periods of time in the past such as last year.

How to subscribe

1. Log in to uLaw as usual

2. Visit settings (top right)->Permission (right-hand, blue button)

3. Scroll down in the menu to "Subscribe for uLaw Analytics Email"-> Select "yes" or "no"

Some areas we cover

- Revenue Generation

- Profit & Loss

- Taxation reminders

More Screenshots of example insight emails

you can also watch a video on this feature by clicking here.