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uLaw and Toggl integration: a short guide

By uLaw Editorial Team

Toggl is a popular productivity and time management tool that can be integrated into Canada’s most trusted legal accounting and practice management system. 

While using Toggl, users may be pleased to learn that data inputted into this software can be repurposed for producing Law Society compliance documents later on. 

As part of this short guide, our team will teach you how you can import data from Toggl into the uLaw system. 


Step 1: Login to Toggl, export documents 

To get started, log in to your Toggl account and navigate to the reports section. You should have something on your screen that looks like this. 


Take notice of the right-hand side of the window. Click the download button so you can download a local .CSV file on to your computer. 


CSV - This file type is an acronym for “Comma-separated values”, and is a popular filetype for spreadsheets and data. This is the file you’ll want to be exporting out of Toggl so that you can import it


Step 2: Switch to uLaw, login and begin the import process

Switch computer tabs or login to your uLawPractice account. 

Once you’re past the login screen, navigate to the Calendar.When you click it, you'll see something like this:


The full path to import is the following:

Calendar->Import Time Docket (in blue at top of popup)->Toggle CSV (from dropdown)->Choose File->select your toggl-generated .CSV file->Upload

When you hit the update button, uLaw will begin the import of the CSV you just exported from Toggl to your local computer. The size and breadthe of the data captured by the CSV will be often determined by how wide of a range you selected within the dates to be exported by Toggl.

Don’t worry, it’ll take a little bit of time while uLawPractice processes the information to create its own entries. After, you'll get something that looks like the following, within uLaw:




The import process is quite simple. Some of the entries that you bring into uLaw may not be of any relevance to you. By having a look at the description of each entry, you’ll be able to see what’s relevant to uLaw and what is not,

There you have it! This will bring the power of toggl right into uLawPractice. 

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