uLaw presents guest lecture to Loyalist College Paralegals

uLaw presents guest lecture to Loyalist College Paralegals
Loyalist College Campus in Belleville Ontario

As part of its regular outreach via its EDU program, uLaw instructors conducted a webinar to paralegal students at Loyalist College.

Situated in Belleville Ontario, Loyalist College's Justice Studies (Paralegal) school contains dozens of students who are training to enter the profession upon graduation.

As part of their studies, students are being trained on various important practice management obligations they must conduct while operating a legal business. These activities include management of files, proper conflict checking, and client intake procedures, and a swath of other components necessary to remain in good standing as licensed paralegals.

In the evening on March 14, uLaw instructors met virtually with a class of students taught by Loyalist Professor Susan Wood-Brown. That virtual presentation was recorded and can be viewed below.

"I want to thank (uLaw) for the presentation this evening. I appreciate your time, assistance and expertise"

Like many other Ontario Paralegal colleges, Loyalist partnered with uLawPractice during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Many Ontario schools teaching a similar curriculum were faced with a conundrum with respect to delivering course content to students. This was an opportunity for schools to modernize their curricula with up-to-date software and training. uLawPractice partnered with its self-managed EDU platform allowing students and staff to get hands on experience using Canada's most trusted legal accounting and practice management software.

As part of the partnership, uLaw regularly runs guest lectures when requested by educators. This course material contains more than 7 hours of content officially recognized by the Law Society of Ontario.

LSO lists uLawPractice as an educational resource in its Legal Tech Centre, a hub for high quality technological education in areas related to running a legal business in the 21st century.

Under Training and Tutorials, Practice Management, uLawPractice was included within LSO's tech centre. uLawPractice is not affiliated with the LSO in any way.

However, more than a decade ago, uLawPractice's compliance coding team actually used the (then LSUC's) practice management guidelines and financial management regulations as a blueprint to architect the software, which has been around since 2011.

The Tech Resource Centre also has a well curated list of blogs and informational articles on subjects such as cloud computing, e-payments, documents on the implications and legal ramifications of remote work, and more. Also included is a calendar of available Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses.

To learn more about uLawPractice's EDU platform you may visit this page.