Using Chrome's new PDF reader

Using Chrome's new PDF reader

Google has recently updated the Chrome browser to version 87, which comes with a new PDF reader with a handful of new features which make it more useful.

Among the new features is support for "table of contents" style outlines found within some PDF files, a "fit to page" button, and also thumbnail previews so you can have a preliminary glance at things.

All together, these features contribute to a far more powerful PDF-viewing experience which now is at par with other web-based PDF readers embedded within browsers, such as Firefox or Opera.

Presently the only way to make use of the new features found within Chrome v.87's new PDF tool is to manually go into the settings to enable the new features.

The best way to do so is to navigate to the web browser address bar and type the following in: chrome://flags/#pdf-viewer-update

Within this page you'll see a blue rectangular button alongside a "PDF Viewer Update" option. Set it to enabled, and you should be able to immediately make use of the viewer. If not, restart your browser and try again.

For uLaw users, this new Chrome PDF viewer upgrade provided by Google is useful because it enhances the way users can monitor the court forms produced by uLaw. The same goes for bank statements, and all other forms generated or used by uLawPractice.