Have you used uLaw virtual verification?

Have you used uLaw virtual verification?

One of uLawPractice's most recent upgrades has been to include a virtual verification suite which allows users to handle the client verification process digitally.

Directly from uLaw, users can initiate the following verification components:

  • Facial Accreditation
  • Driver License Verification
  • SIN Validation
  • Knowledge Base Verification
  • Criminal Record Checks (Basic or Enhanced)
Background screening reports can be generated which shows the status

This type of virtual verification is already well integrated within uLaw's client portal. This means that users can repurpose data previously inputted into uLaw to make the process even more streamlined.

Repurposing data during file intake for virtual verification
Indeed when it comes to computers in general, repurposing previously inputted data is simply a cornerstone to how programs operate. This is very helpful when combined with software assistance for the client intake process for Canadian law firms. When capturing personal information about the particular details of a client for

Expense Recovery

Conducting virtual verification does come with a nominal cost. However this cost is more than worth it when it comes to how efficiently the process is handled. Additionally, the costs accrued can also recoverable as an expense; which can be handled through uLaw as well.

We have drafted an article to let users know they can enter a disbursement into uLawPractice to recover the expense.

Expense recovery for using uLaw Virtual Verification
Virtual Verification within uLawPractice is a very useful tool for helping speed up a necessary activity to remain in compliance with regulators. It does come with a cost however. In this article we will teach you how to enter a disbursement within uLawPractice to recover the expense of using virtual

Extra information about Criminal Record Checks with uLawPractice

Download a document which goes into greater detail about how criminal record checks can be conducted in uLaw: (click the link below to the PDF)

How to set it up:

How to use uLaw’s virtual verification
uLaw now supports compliant virtual verification within the software. Scroll down to the heading to learn how to do it. Background In keeping up with the digitization of the legal profession in Ontario, the Law Society of Ontario has recently laid out new rules for virtual client identification and verification.